Ahlan Ramadan 2024

Welcome to Ahlan Ramadan Campaign!

Experience the beauty of spirituality and delicious foods as Ramadan, with its beloved traditions, brings in a month of unity, compassion, and giving. Fasting and reflection remind us of the importance of sharing joy and providing assistance to those in need, particularly those who are unable to experience the happiness of its arrival.

As Ramadan draws near each year, the longing for home is felt anew by refugee and orphans families who were compelled to leave everything behind due to wars and crises. They yearn for the familiar celebrations of Ramadan in their countries. 
However, rising prices and challenges in securing basic necessities weigh heavily on families, leaving them tired and unable to give enough food. Moreover, they miss the Ramadan atmosphere they once enjoyed in their homelands. 
At Hand, we strive to foster unity by bringing together Syrian and Lebanese families in enjoyable atmospheres during Ramadan. Our traditional iftars feature delicious cuisines, sweets, and drinks, along with entertainment such as storytelling corners, Arabic coffee gatherings, and prize giveaways.

Join us in making this

Ramadan memorable
for everyone,

especially the children, who delight in our various interactive activities throughout the event. 

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One iftar meal for one person

A $15 donation secures

Family iftar meal for five individuals

A $50 donation secures

Iftar meals for 17 people

A $100 donation secures

Iftar meals for 35 people

A $500 donation secures

Communal iftar for 165 individuals

A $1000 donation secures

Iftar meals for 335 people

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All your donations will directly reach refugees.
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Raise $10,000

to secure collective iftar meals. 

Secure 30,000

iftar meals during Ramadan. 

Engage 10,000

children in collective family iftar

What sets Hand's iftars apart 

  1. Warm family Ramadan atmosphere filled with love, generosity, and spirituality for Syrian and Lebanese refugees and their families.   
  2. Varied and delicious traditional meals. 
  3. Traditional juices and drinks presented in a distinctive manner. 
  4.  Special reception with Ramadan folklore to celebrate guests.
  5. Contests, prizes and children's awards. 

At Hand, we commit to being the link between the donor and the beneficiary, without deducting any administrative fees.

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