Children are the Future . . .

We firmly believe that children are the foundation for a more advanced and equitable future. Our mission is to provide education for all, ensure comprehensive assistance, and offer multifaced support, recognizing that they are the key to future success.​

Since 2012, Human Aid and Development HAND has made a significant impact reaching thousands of vulnerable children in the Middle East and providing them with comprehensive support through our diverse development and emergency programs.

Together, we can shape a better tomorrow for these children and the communities they belong to 

Our Vision 

HAND envisions a world where children's rights are safeguarded, their education is prioritized, and comprehensive protection is ensured for them and their communities.

Our Mission

We are committed to empowering children and their families and ensuring a dignified life for them in regions of the Middle East that have been impacted by wars and disasters. 

We strive to enhance their capabilities by providing comprehensive support and opportunities for growth unlocking their full potential and fostering long-term development.

Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to create a positive sustainable change, and foster a brighter future for those facing adversity in the region.

Our Values

Sensation and Beauty

We believe that the impact of our programs and initiatives can be enhanced by embracing sensation and beauty, which lead us to create experiences that awaken the senses, nurture the spirit, and inspire positive change, beyond striving to meet basic needs. ​


Commitment to human values lies at the core of our mission. We dedicate ourselves to serving and supporting communities without prejudice or discrimination. Our impartiality ensures that we provide assistance to those in need, regardless of their background or circumstances.​  


We understand the importance of constructive communication and coordination, and we actively seek to establish partnerships with organizations and individuals that share our values and vision. Through working together, we can achieve greater impact and create sustainable change.


We are dedicated to conducting our work with utmost professionalism, adhering to high standards and ensuring the satisfaction of our beneficiaries and partners. We strive to serve with dignity, delivering high-quality support that meets the unique needs of those we serve. By upholding the highest standards of excellence.


We strongly believe that diversity of viewpoints and embracing differences enrich our work. By involving everyone in our efforts, we gain greater strength and drive toward development. We strive to create an inclusive environment that values and respects the unique contributions of each individual.  


Transparency and accountability are fundamental principles that guide our work. We openly share the results of our projects and success stories, ensuring that the partners and communities that we serve have full visibility on our actions. We maintain the highest level of integrity in all our interactions, which makes us earn the trust and confidence of those we work with.  

Our Team

Get to know the members of HAND, who work every day for a more just life.