Extra Mile, Every Time

HAND is extending its services to encompass six governorates across Lebanon, with the goal of reaching a maximum number of vulnerable individuals residing in the most affected areas of the country. Anchored by a central head office situated in Beirut and complemented by four suboffices strategically positioned in the targeted regions, our mission is to alleviate the struggles faced by those in need.​  

HAND Across Borders
Expanding Our Reach and Impact

HAND obtained official registration in Lebanon, USA, and Türkiye, and logistic presence in Dubai, strategically positioning itself to amplify its impact within crisis-affected regions. By solidifying our presence in these locations, we are positioned to extend our reach and deliver vital assistance to those most in need during times of crisis.​

Through our international offices, we aim to build strong relationships, establish deep-rooted connections within the regions we operate in, leverage local expertise, and work hand-in-hand with partners and communities to implement highly effective solutions.​

HAND Centers in Lebanon

Empowering communities, provide services

In Lebanon, HAND has established centers to provide vital support and services to communities in need as "beacons of hope"

These centers serve as hubs of empowerment, offering a wide range of programs and initiatives aimed at improving the lives 
of individuals and families.and that create safe and nurturing spaces where individuals can access quality education, 
Protection services, training, and psychosocial support. 

And By fostering community engagement and collaboration, our centers in Lebanon become catalysts for positive change.